Friday Faff

It’s that moooost wonderful tiiiime of the week. (Song reference, anyone?)

In the line-up vying for a spot in for tonight’s faff: blood oranges, fennel, a clump of chicken pieces, organic potatoes, chicory…

How to bring it together wasn’t entirely obvious, but I knew one thing: tonight we needed a melt-in-your-mouth dish. Tonight we needed something rich in flavour. Tonight we needed chicken that falls off the bone.

I chopped up some fennel (LOVE fennel),

and set the chicken a’fryin with garlic, and fennel, adding chopped tomatoes, Italian spices, broth and blood orange zest. Does blood orange zest taste different than plain old orange zest?

The three stages of undressing this particular orange were fun, but, well, bloody.

All went into the oven for an hour of bubbling while I tried to be foodly artistic with chicory.

Easier said than done.

But hey, it was a colorful meal! And baby, that chicken fell off its bone.

It was made extra delicious by the fact that just exactly at the moment I was falling into despair that the Philosopher had been hit by a bus or kidnapped by Somalian pirates sailing the Thames he walked through my front door.

Phew. That was close.

Happy Weekend!


One thought on “Friday Faff

  1. I just can’t get enough of these heartwarming-bring-a-smile-to-your-face posts. It’s at the point that it makes me a tad sad that it’s Friday and I will be forced to be patient until your Monday Morning Blues post. One of the things I am thankful for this day is that the Philosopher has not met with unruly Somalian bicycle pedaling pirates.

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