Monday Morning Blues

This morning, I was thankful for:

1) The Philosopher’s brain, and its ability to see into truth and through falsehood

2) My mother’s idiot-proof rogan josh, and this aloo gobi recipe, both executed with success on Saturday evening.

3) Our godchild’s sweet face, and her magnetic attraction to necklaces (and possibly boobs)

4) My casual work environment, resulting in a complete lack of ironing in recent weekends!

5) Oxford’s version of Christmas lights

6) The internet. I am regularly glad for the internet. Does that make me shallow?

7) Speaking of, I was thankful to at last have watched The Social Network. Contrary to all my preconceived notions, I loved it. In a strange way, it’s niggled into the recesses of my brain and I can’t stop thinking about geek power.

8) Our memory foam mattress pad, which makes even the shortest night of sleep oh so sweet.

9) An impromptu visit last week to Chocology on a grey winter’s day, and the subsequent feeding of chocolate endorphins (?) to an aforementioned philosophical brain.10) A meeting at work recently in which my boss asked me and a colleague: “Would you like to go on tour? I’m thinking we need to schedule visits around England and maybe South Africa, Australia…” I’m thinking so too.


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