A walk to remember.

Believe it or not, I’ve never seen A Walk to Remember.

I feel like that dates me, but I’m not sure which way it goes – was I too young or too old? Maybe too cool. Yes, definitely too cool for cheesy rom coms.

I had my own walk this morning. The Philosopher had traded in his brains for brawn and was at church early setting up chairs and… actually, that might be it, just the chairs. I was left facing a frigid bike seat on my already cold bum, or a 40 minute walk in a partly cloudy Oxford day. My bum got its way.

There are some interesting buildings in Oxford – to state the obvious – but some of them tend towards the weird rather than wonderful. A particularly odd few seem to congregate around the Folly Bridge, which links our main road into town with the city center, crossing the Thames.

I’m not sure when these buildings were constructed, but it seems to me that tall and skinny has been in vogue for a quite a while now, buildings apparently being no exception. And, to my knowledge, these are all flats – I wonder, is it basically one room per story?

If you’re interested in seeing more of Oxford, tune in this week! Part 1 of le Grand Tour is coming soon to a blog near you…

3 thoughts on “A walk to remember.

  1. Yes, please, Sarah, more Oxford pix would be great. I really enjoyed these. And don’t feel bad, I’d never even heard of A Walk to Remember!

  2. how have you never see a walk to remember when peter would aaaaalways want to watch it (called by its code name, die hard 3 of course)?! 😉

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