Friday Faff

Hallooo, Friday!

The Philosopher’s been dreading this week’s faff a bit. For one reason only. Let me show you:

Swede. Also referred to as rutabega. A cross between a cabbage and a turnip, it’s…not the greatest root known to man. My man in particular cannot stand it.

It arrived in our veg box on Tuesday, and has been staring the Philosopher down all week. He knew what was coming.

I had a challenge on my hands worthy of a good Faff this evening.

The cast of measly fridge rejects:

Really grabbing at straws this week. Swede, potatoes, kale, winter greens and kumquats.

Yeah, they gave us kumquats too. They’re kind of like baby oranges, but too small to peel so you just eat them whole, skin and all. We learned the too-small-to-peel thing the hard way.

I concocted a little plan to disguise the swede in a mash of potatoes, baptized in butter (no christening sprinkling here) to cover up swede’s bitter aftertaste. I decided to enrich the deception with a lonesome can of chickpeas, feta, garlic, balsalmic vinegar and greens.

The plan would’ve worked if I hadn’t had to ask the Philosopher to please cut up the swede for me.

Foiled again!

Nonetheless, in the face of his skepticism as he jammed the knife through his nemesis’ tough fibers, I squared my shoulders and dove right in, leaving nothing but a few kale bones.

And hey, if it wasn’t the most inspired faff (perhaps especially following from last week’s runaway blockbuster hit), it certainly tasted swede-free!

Only 3/4 of a swede to go. Wish me luck.




4 thoughts on “Friday Faff

  1. The Philosopher could be forgiven for sneaking out to the chippy, burger joint, pizza parlor, indian, chinese or the pub – in fact all of the above. Man, TGIF has become HGIF – “Help God, its Friday”. Hang in there Mr P!

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