The Covered Market

I’m working on a new page for this here blog, in which I take my fellow modern workers on a tour through ye olde Oxford. I have been working on this page for some months, and have taken only three photos for it.

Really, I’m more productive at my real job. Honest.

Today, the air was fresh and warm (52 degrees!) and I took my camera on a field trip to Oxford’s famous covered market, which will in fact feature in aforementioned tour. I thought it only right to give you a sneak peak. This is one amazing market, covered or not.

There are fishmongers, cakemongers, hatteries, shoehouses, creperies, Brazilian-cheese-balleries, jewelers, framers…just about any -ie or -er you can think of! But the butchers win hands down for presentation*.

*Not for the squeamish.

The last one really does it for me. I mean, doesn’t it just make you wanna tug your mom’s coat, point, and screech “Mooommy! I waaaant one!”

And that’s all for now! You can get back to enjoying your dinner, if it’s not already ruined.

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