Monday Morning Blues

What better antidote to a freezing Monday morning than a list of things in your life which make you glad? Are you with me?!

Or I can just do this alone. Whatev.

This morning, I was glad because:

1. I spent the weekend eating the most delicious chocolate cake I have ever made. It was originally intended for a dinner party that never materialized. Or rather, it did eventually, but in an abbreviated version that involved the Philosopher and me, two forks, and one cake. In fact, I’m still on such an emotional high from all those chocolate-induced seratonin thingies, I’ll share the recipe. There is a mystery ingredient…

2. The sun kindly has extended our daylight by 20 minutes. Good on you, Sun.

3. There is an undeniably beguiling layer of frost over the earth these wintry mornings.

4. Last week a client phoned up with the story of her child who was born with key-hole shaped irises (of the eye), and has no vision problems. Tres chic, said I, and quite rare! (Don’t worry, I didn’t.)

5. There was a distinct lack of dreams last night. This is quite a relief after several nights of enduring arepeated sequence wherein I am a mermaid being captured by a boozy pirate. It all gets very…intense.

6. I still have some amazing footwarmers, given to me by the Lactation Guru a couple of years ago, which heat up upon contact with the air. They’re usually used by skiiers, but I need them to make it through a church service. Not sure if that says more about my church or my feet.

7. I didn’t dread Monday this weekend. Not one bit.

8. Stretch jeans are a wonderful invention. (Whaaat? Chocolate cake!)

9. As is Amazon. Need a milk frother? Amazon! £1.96! Great deal! Just don’t look at the shipping cost…

10. The recent discovery that my husband is a baby whisperer. Babies gurgle softly in his arms (and, ironically, tend to squeal in mine. I think I try to bounce them too much. I thought they liked that kind of thing.) I shall still dub him the Philosopher, but Baby Whisperer can be an unofficial middle name. The Philosopher Baby-Whisperer. It has a nice ring. What more could a modern working girl want?


5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. This morning I was happy for
    A warm home (way, way below freezing last night outside)
    Getting my voice back
    A day off (MLK Day)
    Anticipating going to the movies to see The Iron Lady
    Maybe getting some Indian food tonight….?
    Lots of music-making for 2500 kids this week

  2. this morning I was happy for:
    my parents – they are here visiting overnight, and we always have enjoyable eats and conversations when together – they also showered some attention on # 3 son who returned to his final undergraduate semester today.

    a day off that is also a day off for ‘the Right Rev Dr’

    being able to read your blog! I look forward to it every day!….

  3. I made the chocolate cola cake for rachel today for her 8th rebirthday. It was definitely a success, and when combined with locally made mint chip ice cream from local cows, it was awesome.

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