Monday Morning/Evening Blues

I couldn’t think of ten things to be thankful for on my morning commute (pathetic), so on my cycle home, I was thankful for:

1. A truly abnormally warm January. This is what we moved to England for, baby.

2. New toys: new digital camera to play with, and new shoes en route (thank you Mom and Dad F!)

3. A great story at work. A mom was explaining to us over the phone how last night she sat her son down on his bed and described to him that he had been diagnosed as dyslexic and what that might mean for the next few years of schooling. He seemed ok, and she left the room. A half hour later, he called for her from the bedroom. “Mummy? Thanks for telling me I’m dehydrated. That explains a lot.” Classic!

4. “Cookie Friday” being reincarnated as “Cookie Monday” at work. Belgian Triple Chocolate, even.

5. Some great serviettes a friend gave me, which can double as weird table runners.Tablecloths? So old-fashioned.

6. Speaking of dinner accessories: Tiger Bread (see above). Such a great discovery in the UK!

7. Watching Batman II last night and not doing my pacing routine. Not even once.

8. A still unbroken bike – Barb got me to work in 10 minutes this morning!

9. 2011 being over. It’s finally sunk in, 9 days late. I’m glad for it.

10. Good times had with these two turkeys.

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