After a morning of gym visits and errands (I accidentally slept with my glasses. Like, with them next to me in bed, not even on my face. They got all bent out of shape about it and needed fixing. Pun definitely intended.) we decided to be spontaneous! Adventurous! British! And accordingly, we set off to investigate Shotover Park east of the city for a civilized walk. A perambule?

After a few false turns due to the usual suspect being unprepared (hint: not the Philosopher), we arrived!

It was a winter wonderland of twisted branches, gnarly oak trunks, and a crunchy carpet of leaves.

…dry streambeds through what our guide pamphlet called the “Sandpit”. It also helpfully alerted us to the oak tree which the now expired Henrietta the Hornet called home. Very sadly, it continued, Henrietta’s brand of hornet is endangered in England, but Shotover Park is an area where hornet conservation efforts are being practised. Just what we wanted to be assured of while walking unprotected through the woods.

We tried to make like a tree and cast a shadow. Can you find us, kids?

We found some brave little bush-flowers sporting my favorite shade of yellow! Nature paints it best.

Happy Weekend!

2 thoughts on “Perambulating.

  1. Beautiful flowers for cheering one on a cold winter walk! what kind of plant was that? Wild? or cultivated?

    Mom Forrest

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