Friday Faff

Got a little bit of time to waste? Just feel like pottering around, doing a bit of this, bit of that? Let me steer you towards the kitchen. It’s the most productive room in the house for messing around – unless you have a TV in it. TV will yield a more literal faff session, where nothing gets created or consumed, (by one’s taste buds that is).

Why, just the other day I was faffing about with these ingredients:

I stared at them. They stared it me.

Then we reached a sort of agreement.


Sizzle, sizzle, boil and…frizzle.

Spice! It’s nice.

Spicy beef – check. Lettuce – check. Cherry Tommys – check. Cheeky Cheddar – check. Shredded carrots…check? Not sure they belong. But they proved their worth to this tiny family so I’d recommend them to my fellow MWGs out there.

Happy faffing!

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