Monday Morning Blues

Even though it’s a Tuesday, I thought today demanded a Monday morning-esque post, for a few reasons. For example, today was the first day back on the workhorse after the holiday period. It also was the first day of my new job, which merits some reflection.

So, today, I was grateful for:

1. A slightly broken bike which prompted a brisk 30 minute walk to work, in the most Wuthering Heights-ish blustery weather, with the wind beating my cheeks. I felt alive.

2. My new boss sitting me down for induction, and declaring that first we must get one extremely important thing straight (with no trace of a smirk): I must test out every chair in Staples until I found the right one for me. Company policy.

3. The fact that my desk is next to a huge box with the following stamped on the side: Remote Fart Machine, Made in China. I usually don’t go in for potty humor, but this was too much.

4. The absence of your standard issue garish-red Office Depot Basics notebook awaiting me at my new post. Instead, in black letters on very fashionable cardboard, I found: Eco-Friendly Notebook.

5. Lunchtime encouragement from my two fellow employees to please take more than a 30 minute break.

6. Our 4pm tea-time/chocolate truffle chat which included stories of Coke-chugging Mormon furniture designers and the back-stabbing nature of the literacy training tool market.

7. My first big assignment just happening to be my favourite non-leisure activity of all time: proofreading/editing/re-verbaging, specifically a draft of the Boss Man’s book.

8. The realization of the high likelihood that this job will make me an expert on something non-administrative, but rather information-based (dyslexia, if you must know).

9. Having to wonder if the Monday Morning Blues moniker might, just might, not be appropriate if this modern working girl actually (heaven forbid) likes her 9-5.

10. Opening our Christmas package from the philosopher’s parents – the Right Honourable Reverend (the Rev for short) and the Lactation Guru – and finding inside what may be the best gift I’ve received in the last 5 years:Added bonus, though with a shirt this thoughtful who needs one: INCREDIBLY comfortable and PERFECT FIT!

But wait, there’s more:

Ah. Perfection.

5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. Sarah,
    This made me smile so much πŸ™‚ after a somewhat frustrating day of cheap maternity clothes hunting, before I grow out of everything that’s appropriate for the office (!) I needed a lift!
    Glad to hear there are good jobs out there, too!
    Much love Xxx

  2. I think the Rev and the Lactation Guru could take up a side line of custom designed T-shirts. I’m placing my order!

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