Sun catcher

Living in England, I’ve cultivated me a little obsession to call my own. I call it sunlight chasing. The usual lack thereof and subsequent sun-starved state of existence has opened up new doors of artistic appreciation in me. I can’t get enough of what the sun does to the earth.

I love the way it colors buildings.

I love the way it gives a body a greater sense of substance. I can’t so easily escape my own shadow on the pavement, or in a picture.

I love the way it races the clouds upwards into the sky every morning.

I love the prickly feeling of the noontime sun on my skin.

I love the way it draws my gaze to whatever it rests upon.

Need I go on?

We’ve had sun for these past two days which have also been, incidentally, the shortest days of the whole year.

Thank you Lord.

Now, seeing as this modern working girl has signed off from work, she will also be signing off from blogging for a week or so. She may or may not also be signing off from Oxford for a few days after Christmas (!) to take a jet plane to a sunnier place (!!). Wish her luck.

Happy Christmas!!!


3 thoughts on “Sun catcher

  1. I will so miss your blogs. Thanks for bringing so much sunshine into our lives each day. Best wishes to you and the Philosopher for a blessed Christmas.

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