An early Christmas

Yesterday, to help distract the Philosopher and I from the fact that the Bakestress was on the eve of departure, Father Christmas came early.

We wanted the chance to celebrate her a little bit. But, little rascal, she slipped in front and celebrated us first by buying us chicken at a local joint we know, called Nando’s. We ordered one chicken. A whole chicken! Added perk: bottomless coke to feed a certain philosopher’s tired little grey cells and delicious chili/mint mushy peas to feed a sisterly fetish for green things.

Then Santa came for all of us.

Yes, there is a sheet hanging over our door to dry. This is England, doll. Give me a break. Modelling gifts/wrapping materials – always a good time.

The best gift of all is shown above, from the Bakestress to us – a January day-by-day calendar with a thought from her for each day.

To be honest, it was the second best; the all-time best gift of Christmas 2011 has been with us for the past 4 months, in the pint-sized, brown-hair-blue-eyed, smiling form of the Bakestress herself.

We already miss her. To avoid glum faces, we simply sigh and look at pictures like these, and our hearts become glad.

Come back soon.

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