Blenheim Palace

We heard directly from the Violinist’s mouth on Monday, and in honor of the Bakestress’s imminent departure date, I’m handing over the microphone to her for a day.

Entitled: “What I’ve been up to in England anyways” or “Essay on Blenheimian Beauty”

Do you ever wish cameras could capture the entire feeling induced by a stunning panorama? I don’t know about you, but I always spend about 5 minutes fiddling with my camera settings in an attempt to produce an exact replica of what I see before my eyes on that little screen. Often, without success. Now, my camera is none-too-shabby, but when creation is so stunning, I want to give it due justice! 

On Thanksgiving day, at least in the US, (they certainly don’t celebrate the meals of those renegade Pilgrims in this country) I took a day trip to Blenheim Palace – the prior residence of Winston Churchill and supposedly, current mansion of the Duke of Marlborough. It is not often the sun decides to bless England with its presence for more than an hour each day, but I was gifted with a sunny afternoon and a gorgeous sunset.

The Palace is massive…

…and all decked out for Christmas.

Side note: Does anyone notice the size of that cannon? Can you imagine fighting off intruders with that dinky thing?

All in all, it was stunning. The grounds and gardens are expansive. Seriously. You could walk for miles. Lucky me, I didn’t have to go far to find a few treasures.

The fountains.And a secret garden! (With a creepy statue.)

Blenheim Palace before I return home? Check.

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