Granny Wynne’s Fudge: Uncovered.

It’s time for the great reveal, folks. The truth about Granny Wynne’s Fudge. Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask. It’s here.

Are you pumped yet? Am I the only one who can’t sit still in anticipation?

Brought to you by the Violinist herself, we present:

“The Fudge to End All Fudge(s)”

I loved going to Granny Wynne’s house. The W.C. was down the end of the back garden, baths took place in a large tin pan in front of the fire, and there was always a tin of fudge or toffee in the ‘sideboard’. Lizzie Wynne’s legacy lives on in many ways: she loved to bake, she loved to sing, she loved to play games, and she left us her fudge recipe.

There are 3 essential ingredients – a large, very heavy saucepan – (I kept my defunct pressure cooker just for making GWF), a wooden spoon that gets into corners, and some patience.

In said essential pan put 2½ cups granulated sugar, 5oz butter, 3 dessertspoonfuls golden syrup (Tate & Lyles), 8 Tbl water and 1 can condensed milk. The last drops of condensed milk go just great in a cup of tea. [**editorial note: she MADE that tea cosy!]

SLOWLY heat the ingredients, stirring constantly, until ALL of the sugar has dissolved – this is where the patience comes in handy. Then turn the heat up slightly until contents are bubbling, stirring only occasionally, until setting point is reached. In former days, the old “soft ball test” worked just fine, but now we have the handy-dandy ‘candy thermometer’. As soon as the temperature reaches 238-240 degrees turn off the heat.

Alton Brown, king of the science of cooking, persuaded me recently that at this point it is good to leave the fudge alone for 10 minutes. (Time for that cup of tea). Then add a dash of vanilla and beat it vigorously and pour immediately into a pan, mine is 7” x 11”. As the last drops are entering the pan the fudge will already be taking on a crystallized look and feel.

The good news is, you don’t have to wait long at all before you can cut into it. I happen to live with The Chocoholic. Not an ounce of chocolate to be seen and even he can’t keep is hands off this batch!

The Violinist


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