Friday Faff!

Just back from a 12 hour excursion to foggy London town with the Bakestress — pictures and post forthcoming!

But it is Friday, and a food-faff has been fabricated and needs its proper mention. Let’s hop to it.

First, the cast of characters:I was pretty excited about using up the half-bag of whole wheat shells which had been sitting in our cupboard for…well, let’s not go there.

We turned away the broccoli and eggplant, and got to slicing.

We threw some organic “millenium tomatoes” (never heard of them before. a new breed of British tomato to christen Y2K?) into a pan with some chopped garlic.

We wilted the spinach, then added a hunka butta, as our fellow Bostonians might say.

We mixed the two frying pans together and stirred in some single cream and sour cream that were dangerously close to overstaying their welcome (and expiry date) in the fridge.

We threw the creamed spinach/tomato sauce into a bowl of aforementioned longstanding whole-wheat pasta shells, and sprinkled (liberally) with cheddar. A hunka chedda, even.

Voila! Almost-instant faffing satisfaction.

Happy Weekend!


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