Things I will miss

One more day left at my job!!!!!!!

To stem the flood of excitement that might make me sound ungrateful for the last 4 months of employment when many have none, here is a humble list of things I will miss about this place:

1)   working in an office with 12 other 25-40 year olds

2)   the contagious giggle of the girl who sits next to me

3)   sitting in between two walls of windows

4)   sitting in between conversations about the world: about Africa, about Southeast Asia, about Central America

5)   our (optional) office-wide Thursday prayer at 4pm

6)  the good timing of my leave: I managed to stay long enough to grab a place at the Christmas meal table. Roast turkey, mash, and panna cotta please!

7)   … that might be it. I’m thinking it’s a good thing I’m leaving?

And here’s to new beginnings, just around the corner.


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