Birthday of champions

It’s hard to believe that one more year has passed and the Philosopher is still the greatest man I’ve ever known.

Accordingly, we set out to make him the greatest cake he’d ever known.

The Bakestress whipped up a silky cocoa cake and I salted some store-bought caramel (shh, don’t spread the word) for a middle layer and to as a frosting additive. My former roommate and delightful friend the Historian was visiting from Cambridge, and pitched in a finger or two to help us taste-test stir up the ganache. She’s just returned from a three month research trip in Delhi, and needed some frosting therapy. We obliged.

It oooozed.

We searched for more masculine candles, but the best we found, hiding at the back of the forks, were these beauties.


The Bakestress’ dainty serving…

The Philosopher’s….

Birthday cake of champions!

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