It’s pronounced “maud-lyn”

I am project managing the redesign of our office space and had a meeting last week with the architect, interior designer and graphics guru. It was, I have to admit, a lot of fun. Being in the business of non-stop creating certainly looks glamorous from the outside.

My meeting took me down Magdalen Road. And that’s “maud-lyn”, please. Saying it wrong is a dead give-away you simply do not belong here.

I enjoyed my stroll so much, I revisited it with a camera during Monday’s lunch break. If you were with me, this is what I would have exclaimed about with (let’s face it, undue and certainly geeky) excitement.

One lone flower trying to scale the window.
 Respice instead of hospice!

Yes, that is a giant store all about goldfish. Everything for the fishkeeper, folks! (How many fishtanks can one store sell?)

A new take on the classic “Sold” sign.

Red cafe, red berries on trees and an amazing pointy roof that reminds me of the Peter Pan film, for some reason.

I’m not too dense to understand that the name is a play on words, but why is the F red?

Side by side in connected properties is the Magdalen Road Evangelical Free Church…
…and the Thrangu House Buddhist Centre. How cool is that!
And they share a bike rack! No parking lot here…This needs no comment. The sign says it all, no?

A house I love every time I cycle past. I don’t know why – maybe the sea-foam green+ivy combination?

Magdalen is lined with Halal butchers and market stores selling…these? Yuca maybe? Extra points for identification.

Not to mention blackened plantains. Not even reduced price.

And finally, a wonderful red door. Having one of these is a personal life goal. 

2 thoughts on “It’s pronounced “maud-lyn”

  1. 1. why is the ‘o’ crooked?
    2. yes, i believe those are yuca.
    3. i have similar looking plantains in my kitchen at the moment. i prefer more matured plantains vs green ones that require brute finger strength to pry open.
    4. at first, i thought ‘maudlin.’ haha. great expectations.

    🙂 enjoying the blog. keep it up!

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