Monday Morning Blues

This morning, I gave thanks because:

  1. The only blueness on my commute was the SKY!  At last.
  2. I have a trusty, if hideous, hat which is tremendous against the cold.
  3. Said hat also keeps my chin warm.
  4. I do not care what I look like in this hat. I do not care to such an extent that I will boldly post a ridiculous picture of myself wearing it.
  5. There was no wind on my commute, which made the 2 degree weather bearable with vigorous peddling (celsius, everyone, celsius)
  6. There is free roiboos tea at the office!! I am working my way methodically through the box. I miiiight be the only one drinking it. More for me!
  7. I made some sweet potato cupcakes on Sunday without following the recipe. Despite this, my colleagues loved them – a true measure of success.
  8. Three evenings at home to look forward to this week! Woohoo!
  9. We are so close to the birthday of a neighborhood philosopher…
  10. … who is still my side of 30!

In other news, I am holding a bake-off this Sunday afternoon and need a recipe for the best Christmas treat out there. Can you help?


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