The Friday Faff

Dinner and a movie again! This time we were out to the cinema to see Moneyball with some friends, so I figured some homemade pizza was only appropriate given the theme of the film. (Baseball? Pizza? Yes?)

As the fridge was bare I couldn’t faff it on my own, and picked up some ingredients on the way home, BUT! The dough came from my own cupboards, baby.

“Almost instant” pizza dough took 10 minutes to knead and 10 to rise.

A Linguist I know brought bagfuls of veggies. She even sliced them! A two-in-one deal!

What colour! These veggies were a vision of good health.

I threw some red onions in a pan to start a tomato sauce.

The men gabbed in the background after having dutifully grated the cheddar. With the oven at full blast, it was getting pretty warm in the kitchen, but our poor friend the Trader was ill and had to keep his hat on. Diagnosis? Head cold. Treatment? Pizza!

But man cannot live on pizza alone, so the Linguist reached into her bag and whipped out some frozen corn, peas and broad beans (aka lima) which became a buttery-delicious side dish. She even found the end of a sugar snap pea which had somehow wheeled and dealed its way into the frozen pea bag!

In sum, liberally was the cheese poured.

And liberally was the pizza eaten.

Good night!


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