Carol Cafe

My Happy Christmas season was launched tonight with the Carol Cafe, an annual event my church holds for the community. Some pretty great things happened.

1) Despite the evening start time, the Philosopher got spruced up in the morning in preparation. Nothing quite like a fresh-shaven philosopher to call one’s own.

2) I saw these amazing table decorations! Little green and glittery wire trees on a bed of twinkle. A very cool set-up I plan to steal since when it comes to aesthetics, I suffer from chronic Bad-Ideas Syndrome and try to avoid attempts at originality.

3) I tried mulled wine! And promptly wrinkled my nose. But I’d be willing to give it a second chance if it were homemade…someone? anyone?!

4) IT’S MINCE PIE MONTH BABY! Check out this spread.

5) I sang, probably for the last time in England, a duet with my kid sis during the open mic section of the evening.

‘Twas a good night for all.

One thought on “Carol Cafe

  1. The very mention of mince pies spurred me on to finally make my Christmas pudding, (very late by British standards), Granny Wynne’s recipe of course – where would we be without her!

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