A Thanksgiving Faff

A day late, but we’re here for another “Friday” faff-day in the kitchen. We celebrated Thanksgiving with some friends of ours last night at their cosy new home in Oxford, and even stole a few minutes with their rosy new 6 month old, Lydia, before she went to bed! Ah, babies. So cute. Especially when other people are responsible for the clean-up, feeding, and diaper duties.

We brought:

my all-time favorite cake: Fudgy Triple Ginger Cake.

The fudgy refers to the most unimaginably tender cake crumb, thanks to stem ginger syrup, not chocolate – none needed!

The Bakestress made some AMAZING pumpkin challah bread (well, she made everything to be honest, while I was at work), recipe courtesy of Amuse Bouche.

It was huge. So huge it didn’t fit into our English oven.

Huge, but hugely out of this world. Go fetch the recipe and give it a try!The faffing came into play with the salad we were tasked to create to round out the meal with something green. Here was the shiny roster of characters vying for a spot in the final line-up:

We settled on a roasted beet and sweet potato salad, on a bed of spinach, sprinkled with feta and homemade balsamic-thyme dressing. YUM! The Bakestress, who hates beets, tolerated it. Which is saying something.

The Philosopher on the other hand, couldn’t wait to dig in.

Especially noteworthy was my friend Jane’s gigantic pile of delicious mash. With skins! High five for skins!

We left with belly-full and thank-full. Jane and Alex, you’re the best!



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