Last week, something happened that has never happened before. How often can a modernworkinggirl in her twenties say that?

We won something. The Bakestress entered a draw for us to receive two free tickets to the opera, and we won them! Unheard of. Until now, that is. Might have to consider sending her off to try the lottery…

The local amateur musical theatre company is performing Bizet’s Carmen this week in Oxford. We dressed up, but only a bit. After, there are bikes to negotiate.

The theatre was packed for opening night.

We tried to take a picture inside, but ended up creating a small fireworks display on camera.

The show was fun – definitely amateur. They had translated it into English, which meant that a lot of the recit was pretty hilarious.

“Oh look! There’s someone over there.”

“It’s a woman!”

“A woman?”


Now read that dialogue again, but sing it. Much funnier.

It felt a little hectic rushing from the 9-5 to an evening show, but it felt like living real life, the feeling of going out on a weeknight not for another meeting but by choice. For fun. For culture Perhaps I should say: it felt like what living real life should be, from time to time 🙂


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