Monday Morning Blues

Today, I am thankful for:

1. Our fabulously effective gas heating
2. Finding a blanket for Barb at last

3. Feta cheese
4. A clean house
5. The smell of onions and lentils cooking in butter

6. Silver screen comfort
7. The jacuzzi at my gym
8. The wonders of skype

9. My Granny Wynne’s Fudge which, typically, failed but was SO CLOSE!It was too under-crystallized to cut, so the genius Bakestress rolled them into balls. Fudge balls!

10. The ecstatic yelps of delight from the Philosopher in fudge heaven, and the animation with which he encouraged us to try the recipe again, and soon, and often! There is nothing quite like the joy of a (my) happy philosopher.


One thought on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. Been there, done that. Just pop back into saucepan, pretend to ‘melt’ it again, pour back into pan and “voila” – real GW’s fudge. Alternatively eat said fudge balls!!

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