Santa’s started singing

It’s true, for those of you red-white-and-blues out there who doubt it’s possible. Christmas truly has come to town in Oxford. The Brits don’t have the Thanksgiving bump to get over first, so they just deck the hall when the temperatures drop, 1 November being an approximate starting date.

But there is no snow to round out the holiday spirit yet. In fact, this morning brought a beautiful, hazy 7am sunrise.

Wish my point-and-shoot camera could do it justice.

I had a number of projects to fit in today, which meant a whole lot of time spent in the car, to my dismay. BUT! The Bakestress joined me for the afternoon, thankfully. We are working on a Top Secret Birthday Project (TSBP) for a philosopher who’s a mutual acquaintance.

TSBP took us all over town, where we found a trendy-looking time piece on the side of a 15th century church.

Yeah, we couldn’t figure it out either. Even the Bakestress, who doubles as a Mathematicianess after dark, couldn’t crack the code.

We also propped up a few trees who were looking winded.

And check out who we tailed home:

Wait…is that a hand holding his jacket, you say?

Yes it is.

And we couldn’t keep up with them!

I guess they’re practicing for the circus. All power to them, but would you hop on?

Happy Weekend!


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