The Friday Faff

Ever heard of the Britishism “faff” (= to waste time, to mess about)? It’s one of my favo(u)rites, and I hope to dub each Friday a faff-day from now on. By which I mean this: I will challenge myself to faff around in the kitchen for dinner based on whatever I have on hand, at the back of the cupboard, or in the freezer — without forethought or any extra purchases.

It will be an on-the-fly kind of situation.

Tonight, we’re working with this sorry assemblage:

Organic kale, organic sweet potatoes, organic cosmos potatoes, extremely cheap garlic, leftover chicken and…BLACK SALSIFY! You might be interested to know it is commonly referred to as Viper’s Grass, Serpent Root, or most dastardly of all scorzonera. (Cue doomsday music). If you shave it just right, it becomes a dagger.

So: I’m seeing a sweet potato-cosmos-viper’s grass mash, topped with kale chips and chicken, drizzled with a maple-balsamic reduction. With sage. Anyone with me?



First we bubble, bubble, toil and trouble





Then we roast the kale, chicken and garlic to a crunchy crisp




Throw some honey, balsalmic vinegar, a tiny glug of olive oil and some sage sprinkles into a pan. Ignite flame. Get excited when the first bubbles appear. (What, am I seriously the only one?!)





Layer it all together and what do you get? My first Friday Faff!! Let me tell you, it was delicious. Much better than it looked – the usual for a modernworkinggirl like me.

6 thoughts on “The Friday Faff

  1. Ack! The Black Salsify looks like a very sharp twig! What did it taste like in the dish?! The whole dish looks amazing, especially the mash…yum.

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