Name this vegetable?

Parsnip lovers unite! We get a box of organically-grown, sustainably-delivered vegetables every week from a company called Abel and Cole.

Sometimes they sneak in some free gifts to keep the customers happy. Works a charm.

I spend a good 5 to 10 minutes during work every Tuesday just getting excited about coming home to my box. It’s a great way to feel cheery despite going cross-eyed in front of a computer screen.

My box has added some vegetables to my diet that I would never choose myself. We’ve had seven varieties of cabbage, beets, green cauliflower, chard, purple carrots (warning: they bleed), pak choi…I love vegetables. Also, organic carrots and potatoes are out of this world in flavor.

Today we got Black Salsify! AKA…a twig?

Anyway, here’s what I do to organically-grown, sustainably-delivered parsnips sometimes:

1) Shave them
2) Slice them thin, diagonally, with some garlic
3) Place in a small saucepan with a knob of butter, a quarter cup of water, some blobs of honey, and pepper. You could add cinnamon or nutmeg in a particularly adventurous moment.
4) Simmer away until eatably soft.
5) Grunt in enjoyment-by-forkful.


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