Monday Morning Blues

Barb and I cycle to work every morning, come rain or fog. I should say: Barb cycles, I pedal. She’s served me well for 5 months but I worry that at any moment she might, well, explode.

I sort of fell into trying something new on my commute a few weeks ago when the 9-5 was especially irksome. Every downpedal brought me closer to my email inbox, but mornings, after all, are designed for Hope. I challenged myself to give thanks for some good thing at every intersecting street growing off the main road. Nothing overly admirable, but I do have to say that sometimes those cross-streets come fast and furious.

Real creative with street names aren’t they?

I’ve decided to post my Monday morning list on – I might even go so far as to encourage you to come up with your own. And send it to me!

This morning, I was glad that:

1. we have gas-powered heating
2. anti-mould spray is effective
3. my bread bin houses homemade bread
4. November has been unusually mild
5. tissues are cheap
6. my colleagues are friendly and intelligent
7. healthcare is free
8. The Bakestress found fabulous skinny jeans
9. I was the one to find the Philosopher’s first grey hair
10. Said grey hair is a sure sign of increasing maturity

How trivial, you say? Let me remind you that ten things every morning is harder than it looks. One has to resort to life’s finer points on occasion.

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