Open sesame

It’s summer in Oxford! The sun shone non-stop today, and obligingly warmed the earth too. It was nearly impossible to stay inside.

A wonderful way to break the cycle of the 9-5 Ferris wheel (doesn’t it sometimes feel like you spend your life going round in circles?) is to throw a wrench in your routine and watch how the water ripples outwards from the impact. Hope you like  mixed metaphors. This is what I’m thinking: take your lunch break an hour later and see who you end up eating with for a change. Or maybe try a new way of prioritizing your email inbox. Randomly decide to get in touch with the 27th contact in your phone address book. Take advantage of a sunny day and walk to church.

What I notice when a change in circumstance forces me to look around instead of at my feet always astounds me.

A late November bloom carries early morning dew.

The inside of my gum packet contains sticky-note surprises.

A tree is growing into (or out of?!) the side of Christ Church College.

Blue skies do exist in the UK! Though they may be an endangered species…

The punts are racing to collect the most leaves.

I found a tree stump graveyard.

And came home to zucchini (er, courgette) cream cheese cupcakes.

Life looks better with eyes open.

Ready for Monday?

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