Midlands Mojo

I headed north to the Midlands yesterday to powwow with my lovely cousin Hannah. Here’s Hannah in one of her signature poses. I’ll give you one hint: she’s the one in the middle.

She loves hugging, bringing people together, and families.

We periodically nab a deal at a hotel halfway between our two abodes.

We have a bit of mojo at this point, having met up two handful’s of times before, always on Fridays after a week of 9-5ing. Here’s how it goes.

Rule 1) No leaving the confines of hotel room for first 12 hours except for 1) extra pillows 2) food or 3) jacuzzi relaction (get it? relaxing + action.)

Rule 2) Do not come empty-handed.

Rule 3) Cease talking only if stopped by movies or sleep. Eating or bathroom breaks are no reason to interrupt the flow.

Rule 4) Spend next day scouring secondhand shops for The Buy of the Century.

Rule 5) Try to stay awake for the drive home.

(England, I wish my camera could do you justice)

Sleep well tonight Hannah!! Thank you for another great Midlands Mojo Moment.

3 thoughts on “Midlands Mojo

  1. Sarah!!!!
    1) that photo is shocking
    2) people are gonna think all I do is eat!!
    3) so you decided against the dodgy photo of both of us with our charity shop find?

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