Productivity myths: unmasked!

I have always considered myself a hyper-productive person. Goes along with the fidgety personality. Granted, that hasn’t always extended to things like:

  • making my bed. Let’s face the facts here. The express purpose of this task is to prepare it to be undone 12 hours later.
  • ironing my work trousers. Too much set-up for a single crease of any persuasion.Little girl playing--doing laundry
  • doing the laundry. In England, laundry-time is such a commitment. Our clothes have a thumping-bass party under the sink for 2 hours (ridiculously overstaying their welcome, in my opinion), then hang up to dry. Which is to say, they hang up to dry if they’re not still dripping wet, in which case they endure another 30 minute spin cycle. Two days later, precisely at the point when I am substantially accustomed to their presence to not trip in the hallway after an early morning shower, at last they are dry enough to fold and re-wear. Forgive the use of bold text, but sometimes things simply must bear proper emphasis to have full effect.

Because I work for a charity, I’m signed up to a weekly circular which compiles short articles from various third sector publications. It’s one of those emails you “want” but usually delete, the images of which Google annoyingly blocks despite your insistence of its innocence.

This week’s headline grabbed my eye.

Image by via Flickr

“Four destructive myths most companies still live by” from the Harvard Business Review.

My favorite:

Myth #1: Multitasking is critical in a world of infinite demand.

I love that the working world is moving away from this word as central to every job advertisement out there. Sure, my mind happens to move at a mile a minute, but that doesn’t mean it should. I think that’s one reason my personality frustrates me in the 9-5 – the high-speed flow is interrupted and rendered a flaw. Non-work life is typically comprised of idea –> plan –> implement. Easy, quick, manageable. Work life, no matter the industry, is more like this:



4 thoughts on “Productivity myths: unmasked!

  1. I concur… Though I’d add a few more chases and waits… Also I’d have 4 or 5 ideas running together cos let’s face it – we have to multitask in order to fill the waiting gaps!

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