Die Schwestern zwei

A busy weekend is the best kind, bookended with a couple of hours for life administration and/or TV-time (Downton Abbey finale, anyone?)

Saturday morning was a bit of a marathon as we baked cookies for a free post-fireworks community event – turns out Toll House (R) cookies taste different on English soil.


Attention soldiers!…

At ease…

In the afternoon, the Bakestress (of aforementioned Toll House (R) fame) and I sang at a care home in Oxford to six smiling residents. We rotated singing some solo opera and oratorio pieces, and finished with a series of Brahms duets which were an absolute delight to all parties. One in particular describes the life of two  sisters who verse by verse wear matching dresses, stroll in the meadow, sing hand in hand, spin cloth in rivalry (as siblings do), sleep in one bed, and, ultimately, fall in love with the same sweetheart. It’s action-packed.

Evening fireworks ceded to sleep.

Sunday the sun showed its sorry face at last! I debated taking Barb out for a spin instead of hitching a ride to church with The Philosopher and risk being late…

But a record-breaking 10 minutes after coming home from the gym he was ready to hit the pavement. An afternoon meeting followed, then back home for some blogging and poussins (!). A killer combination.

Philosophizing ain’t the only thing my man does well…

Then down to brass tacks: a certain period drama season finale and off to bed.

All that to say, keeping busy over the weekend can be, ironically, a marvelous way to refuel for the week ahead. I used to think that R&R was the antidote for the modern working girl’s grind, but I used to be wrong. Keep busy, keep social, keep creative. Life motto? Maybe.

Meanwhile, Monday feels better for it.

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