A most unusual meeting

Ever find yourself tiring of the same-old-same-old drab meeting room strewn with scrap paper and telephone wires, or worse, yesterday’s crumbs…from someone else’s lunch?

Today, 9 to 5 was good to me. I spent half the day in one of my favorite places, and all in the name of a business tea-side chat (aka: meeting).

The airport! This morning, I was one of those grey-suits you always see in airport bars, and let me tell you, it’s not as lonely as it looks. Free-flowing coffee and muffins, the soothing hum of landing planes, lots of books to browse without buying…

A colleague and I met a prospective contractor who was en route to the States at Heathrow (sadly, not Terminal 5) for a couple of hours. I love the airport. I know they’re rumored to be windowless, fatigue-inducing places of stress, but my deluded mind always gets captured by the endless opportunities to “use my imagination”.

Want to go to Casablanca? Catch the 3:02! Ooh! Where’s that woman headed? She’s awfully tall. Sydney? (Every antipodean I’ve  met seems above average. Or, at least, above me). What would happen if I took the 15th flight on the departures list? How disappointing. Minneapolis.

So today’s tip to all my fellow reluctant 9-to-5ers out there is simple: if you’re struggling to focus until the day’s end without that fifth cuppa and hourly cookie (I try to keep it to half a cookie every half hour, for the benefits both psychological – eat less – and physical – more often), why not propose an innovative meeting location to speed the hours? Try your local airport on for size, shape, and a few hours out of the ordinary.

Happy working! Almost Friday!

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